Custom Foam Inserts


Some items need extra protection. Fiasco can make you custom foam inserts for your most precious tools, or toys. We use durable hard and soft foams to offer maximum protection while touring. Our closed cell foam is water resistant and comes in a range of densities to give you just the right amount of rigidity or cushioning.

We can cut up to 60mm depth in a single piece. Need something deeper? We use wide roll paper thin 3M industrial double sided tape to layer up multiple foam sheets to give you any depth you need. It produces a clean, simple and permanent bond between each layer. 

Foam inserts for

  • Laptops case
  • iMacs case
  • Projectors case
  • Wireless microphones case
  • Wifi routers case
  • Scientific instruments case
  • Medical equipment case
  • Drones case
  • Aircraft and industrial tools case
  • Military equipment case
  • Photography and camera equipment case
  • Lighting equipment case
  • Your favourite toy case

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