Road cases & shock racks. Store stuff smarter.

Packs together like Tetris.

Our product range is super diverse, yet the clever modular design means all cases pack together flawlessly like Tetris blocks. So much more than just road cases: it's a whole transit storage system.

Stacking Road Case

Perfect fit in any transport.

Fiasco road cases are made to optimal dimensions for using every square inch of transportation, no matter what you're driving. Box-truck (90" or 96"), semi-trailer, vans, trailers or shipping container —it all packs to the max.

Off the shelf, on the money

Custom schmustom, our off-the-shelf road cases are the way to go. They pack and stack with total precision; everything just fits.  Something custom cases just won't do.

Fiasco Road Cases

Fiasco Cases Appoints New General Manager

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