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Kickstart serious logistics savings with Fiasco's buy-the-truckload program.

Our truck packology system really sings when you have a truck-load of cases to work with. Upgrade your inventory with ease by choosing from our vast selection of cases at killer buy-the-truckload prices.

Key Benefits

  • Less trucks, faster loads
  • Save big by buying in bulk
  • Improve your logistic options in one simple move
  • Happy crew


Using our nifty spreadsheet to calculate a selection of any Fiasco cases that will fill a truckload. Checkout all the case options and prices on the downloadable Buy-The-Truckpack flyer

These killer prices are only available when ordering buy-the-truckload (minimum 25m³)!

Email Joe to get the spreadsheet. 


We will sea-freight your order to your nearest port and guide you through the process of getting them to your door. In our experience the most cost effective way to get cases from the ship into your truck is with help from a local customs and freight provider and leveraging your own logistics capabilities. Fiasco will guide you through the process and help you avoid pitfalls. Checkout the list of common destinations and costs on the backside of our Buy-The-Truckpack flyer.


Our mathematically-awesome dimensions are going to save you hours on tour! We sussed out the optimal lengths, heights and widths to ensure a perfect fit between cases, shock racks, and any transport; Box-truck (90" or 96"), semi-trailer or shipping container. 

We will ship your order anywhere in the world!

Download our Buy-The-Truckload flyer to see a list of common ports and sea-freight costs for a 20ft sea container which is comparable to a typical truckload (25m³).

Packs together like Tetris.

Fiasco road cases slot together like they're made for each other - because they are. Everything just fits. How do we do it? A genius approach to design: uniformity on the outside; versatility on the inside.

Built to last for years.

They just don't quit. Our road cases, made with premium Penn Elcom hardware and birch plywood are incredibly robust and durable. Engineered to withstand years of smash, crash n' bash.


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