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Fiasco Launches in US, Bringing Innovation to Road Cases

Los Angeles, CA — October 17, 2017 — Road case manufacturer Fiasco recently launched in the US touting a fresh approach to road cases.

“We don’t just think about the road case itself. We think about the entire road case system,” says Matt Waterhouse, Fiasco’s head of design. “We literally think outside the box.” Instead of custom design, Fiasco makes all its road cases to standardized, “mathematically awesome” dimensions that allow them to be packed into transport multiple ways without any wasted space. 

It’s an approach Fiasco likes to call “Truck Packology.” Three road cases packed end-to-end fit snugly in shipping containers and 90-inch box-trucks, while four packed side-by-side fit in semi-trailers and 96-inch box-trucks—and that’s just the beginning. “No matter what the case or size, they just pack and stack perfectly like Tetris blocks,” says Waterhouse. “That means less trucks and faster loads.”

Fiasco’s other mantra is “Buy the Truckload”. The off-the-shelf design means Fiasco can produce more road cases in less time, allowing buyers to purchase a truck-sized quantity of road cases and have them shipped to any major port in the world, all without the headaches of custom design processes. Head of operations, Joe Bradford, believes their model ultimately leads to a healthier bottom-line. “We deliver your cases faster and at a lower cost than custom designers can,” says Bradford. “And we ship them right to your doorstep.”

Fiasco launched in New Zealand in 2013 and has quickly established itself as one of the country’s leading road case design manufacturers. Waterhouse and Bradford founded the company after their frustrations with existing road cases while working on touring shows. In June 2017, Fiasco launched in the US.

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