We design and build innovative, robust road cases and shock racks. Simple.

Our Tale: The show must go on (in an orderly fashion).

These boys love rock n' roll—but they want it to be organized. When Matt and Joe began their careers touring, they soon discovered a problem. They found that the sophisticated equipment used to create event magic (lighting, sound and staging gear) was often transported and stored in a not-so-sophisticated way. Old cardboard boxes stacked higgledy-piggledy. Lighting gear strewn about willy-nilly. Power cords tangled up all helter-skelter. And when road cases were used they were sometimes a bit rubbish—flimsy, short-lived boxes that didn't stack together properly. So they founded Fiasco with a vision of making road cases that weren't, well, crap. Determined to put an end to inefficiency and chaos, the pair set about designing their dream road cases for better touring. The result? A range of road cases, shock racks and pushup drapes that are heavy-duty, long-lasting, space-efficient and totally kick-ass.

Fiasco Road Case

Our Traits: Crazy about road cases.

What are we all about? This right here:

  • Über-efficient system. Each case is made to exact and consistent dimensions so they fit together and stack perfectly. It's a system approach to touring.
  • Top-quality everything. We don't settle for second-best. Each component is hand-picked to ensure that each product is tough and reliable from top to bottom.
  • Unbeatable service. We'll bend over backwards for our customers. Need answers? Need customizing? Need anything? You got it.

Crazy about road cases. Dunno what it is but there's something about quality road cases, stacking and fitting beautifully, that just really floats our boat. Weird, right?

A storage system as exquisitely precise as a Swiss watch.

Fiasco road cases come in wide range of different sizes but—here's the genius part—they're made to fully compatible dimensions. That means, whether stacked or side-by-side, our road cases all fit together, creating a flawless interlocking system. It's like playing Tetris. (And to think your mom said spending summer days playing 80s video games was a waste of time. Pfft!)

It ain't easy being a roadcase. All that pushing and shoving, stacking and packing. That's why we've engineered ours to the highest industry standards. We use crème de la crème zinc-plated Penn Elcom hardware and maintain that superior standard throughout the design, including 100% birch resin-impregnated ply and durable foam lining. So go ahead; do your worst. You won't hurt 'em. They just keep going...and going...and going…

Fiasco Screen Case
600 Shock Rack - 12U

Exceptional rack construction, inside and out.

Your most expensive equipment deserves the most comprehensive protection. That's why our shock racks don't cut any corners. Inside, each shock rack is fitted with a Penn Elcom Anti-Vibration Shock Frame—not just foam. We sweat blood minimising the lid-depth to maximise the interior space, so that there's oodles of useable room inside. Outside, things are just as impressive, with 100% birch resin-impregnated ply held in place with zinc-plated Penn Elcom hardware. And our shock racks come in the cornerstone footprint of 24 x 30", so you can sleep easy knowing that they'll fit nice n' snug with all your other Fiasco road cases no problemo.

Our Team: We get touring.

Joe Bradford

Head of Sales, Owner

If there's a problem, Joe will find a solution. That's just the kind of guy he is. Maybe it's having been exposed to so many other cultures; since childhood, he's
lived in five countries across Asia, North America and the Pacific. Maybe it's his experience with large events; he's been managing music, corporate and church events since 2007. Maybe it's his business education; he has a couple of degrees including a Masters in Global Studies from Columbia International University (South Carolina, USA). Or maybe it's just in his DNA, born with a knack for logistics and coordinating resources. But whatever the reason, one thing's for sure: when faced with a challenge, Joe knows how to get the job done.

Matt Waterhouse

Head of Design, Owner

Quality, accuracy, rigor—these are a few of Matt's favorite things. Oh, and did we mention rock n' roll? Having trained in
electrical engineering and robotics for manufacturing, Matt took his technical expertise to the stage, working with the acts such as Dave Dobbyn, Brooke Fraser and Rapture Ruckus in tours throughout New Zealand and the USA. Then he ran off and joined the circus—Cirque du Soleil, to be exact—working for 4 years in the automation department on the Cirque show Zaia in Macau. Described by one client as "the guy with the German precision", Matt now channels his obsession with quality into designing legendary road cases and drapes. Before a product gets to you, it has to get past Matt first.

Ash Algie

Design Engineer

Been there, done that. Toured with Cirque du Soleil? Check. Been in charge of automation there? Yep. Specialised in industrial electrical? Absolutely. Travelled the world? Ah-huh (almost everywhere except Antarctica). Ash has pretty much maxed out his bucket list, so when invited to work for Fiasco back home in New Zealand, he knew it was an offer he couldn’t refuse. He traded in his suitcases for road cases. Nowadays, you’ll find him applying his natural-born talent for all things mechanical and technical to designing killer Fiasco products with CAD or tinkering with his bike after thrashing it at one of Cambridge’s famous cycling spots. 

Hilly Goodwin

Operational Support

Hilly pretty much embodies the Fiasco ethos: organised, efficient, and a teensy bit obsessed with storage. For most of her professional life, she has been making office systems run like a well-oiled machine. And that knack for workplace efficiency is why she’s our administrative go-to gal. Her role entails being a hub. Stock oversight, warehouse dispatches, shipping admin, manufacturer comms, deadline management—she does it all, making this place hum. When not at Fiasco, you'll often find her skyping her American family, hanging out with her Kiwi family, or woodworking—making shelves, pot racks, and attic space (told ya: obsessed with storage!).

Rebecca Baldwin

Financial Support Manager

Our book-balancing rockstar. We liked Rebecca so much, we tailored the job around her skill-set. She’s a real-deal chartered accountant. So, yeah, she could be working at some hotshot accounting firm, but she’d rather be here. Why? Cos she digs our vibe. After years at big firms like Deloitte, Rebecca brought her mad accounting skills to lil ol’ Fiasco—and hasn’t looked back. Here, she can apply the full range of her accounting know-how in a work environment that’s creative and family-friendly (which is kinda important since, in her words, life these days “pretty much revolves around baby naps”).


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